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Building an Authentic Personal Brand | Does it Matter?

Introduction :

Is your personal brand authentic?


If Your BRAND YOU is NOT AUTHENTIC, then you must know that successful personal branding isn’t about creating a persona or being a copycat. It’s one that is authentic and intrinsically connected to who you are as a person which is a key influence to building a powerful personal brand.

People believe and trust others they relate to and that’s exactly what having an authentic personal brand today can do and is all about, BEING CREDIBLE as well as APPEALING to the specific audience. Want to build one? Well, this blog post will provide you with why personal brand authenticity matters, how to measure your personal brand’s authenticity, advantages of possessing an authentic personal brand, along with four ways to build a truly authentic personal brand. So, let’s start…

Why Personal Brand Authenticity Matters?

Here’s how the authenticity in your personal brand is significant:

  • Helps You to Be Original

Crafting a personal brand is about revealing the truest version of yourself so that your brand presence is consistent, memorable and natural. Being Authentic gives you the opportunity to build your digital footprint and real-world fingerprint. All will acknowledge it. Everyone will respect it. No one will duplicate it. It gives you an opportunity to cut through the noise and the clutter of the internet, to be viewed, be noticed and be heard for who you really are.

  • Helps You to Live in Your Passion Zone

It is significant that you know and find out what your core values, passions, strengths and weaknesses, so you can connect with them and present them frequently to others. These characteristics will become your brand pillars and create the framework for crafting your personal brand. Your core values, your beliefs are what people will recognize you for. It is what will give you purpose and drive your vision! Identifying them, will also help you to realize what you need to communicate with your brand. Once you know what you have to deliver, it will be possible to build a brand image that is authentic and honest.

  • Helps You to Be Inspired

Finding out what makes you tick, will give you inspiration, as you are engaging with the things that you believe in and are passionate about. When you feel aligned with your values, you feel energized and thrive. And, who doesn’t desire that? You will wake up each day, feeling more inspired, more motivated and more positive!

How to Evaluate Your Personal Brand’s Authenticity?

Similar to a business brand, a personal brand’s authenticity is measured by these following 3 attributes (Your Inner Beliefs):

  1. Purpose

It recapitulates your gifts and states what you want to attain. It is a bold statement which shares your reason for being. It must be frequently provided through your interactions with others and present what matters to you so that the people can feel a deep connection with you in your life.

  1. Promise

Through it, you tell people what they can expect from you. You inform them how you’ll commit to doing something for them. Remember, a promise is powerful. Affection and trust are built on kept promises. And a lack of these things can end professional and personal relationships.

  1. Principles

They’re developed over time and through your experiences of life. These strong inner feelings regarding right and wrong have the power to call you to action. When you can clearly state your principles, it’s simpler to make decisions. The decisions you make will be aligned with your values.

Advantages of Possessing an Authentic Personal Brand

People often describe a strong and authentic personal brand as a magnet that attracts clients, job offers, and opportunities. That’s because:

Benefit 1: People Trust You More

Your personal brand describes – WHY YOU DO WHAT YOU DO, in other words, what motivates and drives you. This makes people more secure working with you. Your intentions are clear and genuine. This cultivates trust. People feel more secure when they think they can predict what you will do. When people understand the source of your career energy, they feel better about putting you in charge of their requirements.

Benefit 2: You Possess a much Higher Perceived Value

As your personal brand builds, people will begin thinking about you on an emotional level (as a brand), not simply an intellectual level (as a job title). People will connect more deeply with your brand, increasing your value to them and enabling you to charge more for your solutions. In addition, being actively involved in your niche and creating credibility boosters (such as original, useful on-brand content) sets you as an expert, driving demand for you and enabling you to work less and do more.

Benefit 3: You are known as an Expert in Your Field

As your network expands, you’ll identify more and more people recognize your name prior you meet them. Your prominence will expand and continue to keep you in a position of power in the workplace.

Four Ways to Build a Truly Authentic Personal Brand

So, how do you proceed towards your personal brand in a way that’ll make it simple for you to describe others to understand, and the world to appreciate?

Well, you’ll need to focus on these four things:

#1 Be Clear about Your Career Values

#2 Plan out Self-Reflection Time

#3 Cultivate Role Models

#4 Embrace Risks That Align With Your Brand

Takeaway: Identifying Your Authentic Self
Identifying your authentic self is challenging, however can be the most rewarding change you make in your business. If someone were to question – WHO ARE YOU?, how would you reply? Most would say I am a photographer, designer, etc. although technically these are outcomes of who you have become. Try this exercise below to help with identifying your authentic self.

  1. What did I desire to be when I grew up?
    This will identify your natural traits.
  1. Who are the people I am comfortable most around? 
    If they were to see my portfolio, would they understand I was the creator of it?
  1. What is your favorite place?
    What part can I bring along with me into my work?
  1. When you look at your work as a creative, do you view yourself in it?
    Are there parts that represent who you are as a person?
  1. What modifications would I make in my business if I had a 100% guarantee they would work?
  1. Now, read your answers and view if the following apply:
  • Is this reflected in your products or services?
  • Is this how you want to run your business?
  • Did you attain your creativity from your authentic self, or from what others are making?
  • What would you like to modify right now?

In a Nutshell

As a personal brand, authenticity is one of your strongest differentiating factors and biggest assets. Your authentic personal brand is what differentiates you apart. Don’t try to be somebody else. Be true to yourself, your skills, and your expertise.

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