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Should You Build a Personal Brand or a Business Brand?

Introduction :

Have you ever been confused over whether you should brand yourself or brand your business? Have you wondered if you should go by the company’s name or by your personal name? If you don’t separate these two, how do you merge who you are with what your business is about?

When you run a business as an entrepreneur, it is quite obvious you will get confused between whether to build a personal brand or a business brand. Even if you are not an entrepreneur, everyone has that plan that they feel represents their passions and handles. 

In this article, I am going to explain every aspect, so look objectively at both options so you can choose the best brand type. 

Let’s start with an exact understanding of brands…

What is a Personal Brand?

Business branding is nothing but a way of identifying our business. It involves how your customers recognize and experience your business. A strong brand reflected in everything from your customer service style, staff uniforms, business cards, and property to your marketing materials and advertising.

Advantages of Building Business Brand

  • Business brands always force you to think through your future plans for business growth. 
  • When you start focusing on business growth ultimately you begin focusing on the target market that tells consumers what your business is going to be known for. 
  • This builds excitement and importantly makes your business much easier to sell in the future. 
  • If you are about to retire or your business is moving to another location, you don’t need to worry as you can sell a business without your name connected to it. 

Disadvantages of Building Business Brand

  • Business branding involves a lot more hard work at the beginning. 
  • It becomes harder when you do not even decide what your company will offer, still, you have to create a name for it. 
  • The business brand doesn’t offer much flexibility when it comes to change the product line/ services. 

Figure out which Branding is for YOU?

You don’t need to select between one or the other. Because almost always a combination of personal branding plus business branding. In simple words, you are the person who created your brand and then your brand also has its own identity. 

No matter which type of branding you ultimately select, a key part of your work will involve identifying your brand. This helps customers to quickly understand what your brand is all about.

What strategies will work for yourself and your business?

It is easier to get off the ground when the owner is the face of a brand. The starting few years of a startup often require networking and personal relationships. But when media opportunities arise it can be helpful for potential customers to connect a face to the brand.

Just being the face of your company simply doesn’t work for your personality, now you make the choice to be in the background and just run the operational side of your business. 

Bottom Line

A strong brand identity is a step to get successful. now it is up to you what type of branding is more suitable for you. with the help of this article choose what is much suitable for you.

Personal Branding and Business Branding Lessons- Essential keys Takeaways from Gary Vaynerchuk

The takeaway for Building Personal Branding 

Key 1: Know what your strengths are

To build a personal brand, know exactly which areas are your major strengths, where your words can add value, and how utilizing them can add value to your professional aspirations. 

Key 2: It’s all about your passion

According to Gary, you should give as much time to what you love the most as it helps to grow effectively. You will be more successful than you could ever imagine if you do the thing you love the most. 

Key 3: Branding is not selling 

Focusing only on hard-sell is simply a quick and easy transaction as it might convince a few people in the immediate future but it will not last. 

The takeaway for Building Business Branding 

Key 1: Grasp attention on social media

You must grasp attention to social media as it is a place where people are and gain interest by developing the crisp content they wish to see. 

key 2: Be authentic

It is very essential to stand out from the crowd and for that, you need to do hard work. But aside from that don’t try to attract millions of people, you just need the attention of those interested in you and potentially in your business. 

Key 3: Always provide value

When you engage with quality content, people start trusting you. Serve value with every piece long before you try to sell something. 

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