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Personal Branding | Ask Yourself These 5 Questions Before Branding Yourself

Introduction :

Are you building/reinventing your persona (brand identity) online? If you’re looking to do so, know that personal branding has a lot more to it than just updating your social media profile or pushing a post.

Do you have these misconceptions? Then rethink…

In the modern world, the first and foremost impression is your digital impression, and thus it needs to be impressive. Moreover, your personal brand must be sustainable and unique.

Yes, while the concept of a personal brand can differ for different people with different aspirations, the main benefits of having it always involve the following:

  • Build Trust and Power
  • Assemble your Network
  • Get Spotlight in Media
  • Win more Clients
  • Make a Lasting Platform

You can read more about it in How to Successfully Build Your Personal Brand?

To craft a strong personal brand what’s significant is to communicate your unique promise of value. And how can you do that? Well, continue reading further as this blog article will discuss the 5 Questions which you’ll need to ask yourself to refine your brand.

So, without any more delays let’s explore these 5 substantial queries.

Question 1: What makes me stand out from my peers?

When answering this query, think beyond your work activities. What are the things that make you interesting – the weirdest or quirkiest thing about you? Maybe you speak four languages or you’ve climbed three of the world’s tallest peaks or you have a giant collection of maps of national capitals. Those things may not be vital for doing your job, but they do make you intriguing to those around you. And we all want to be connected to those we find interesting.

Question 2: What are my values?

Your values are your operating principles. I think of them as your non-negotiables. They impact how you feel, behave, and react. When you’re clear about your values, you can make sure to keep them in alignment. When you’re living your values fully, you’re fueled up and ready to deal with whatever comes your way. When your values are being violated by you or others, you start to exhibit negative emotions. You become the person no one wants to be around.

Question 3: What’s my why?

We are all focused on what we do, and some of us are clear about how we do what we do – what makes our approach different. But few people are really clear about why they do what they do. When you have the “why” – your potent purpose defined – you have a sense of direction and a way of knowing what to pursue and what to ignore.

Question 4: What do you want to be known for?

What legacy are you going to leave behind? Will what you are envisioning today make such a huge impact that people will remember you even after you’re gone? Think about it: what will people remember Mark Zuckerberg for after he’s gone? However, don’t be diverted by an instance so huge. You do not have to be Mark Zuckerberg in order for people to recall something about you, but there is definitely something in your personality that you can start working on today.

Question 5: Who is your target audience?

Are you trying to please everyone? If yes, this is never going to happen. You should know your target market and zero in on people who are really going to find value in your brand. You need to know your target market’s average age, gender, location, interests, income levels etc. As per Ola Rynge in “Defining The Target Audience for Your Personal Brand” here’s what your branding message should align with:

  • The outcome you are reaching for
  • The persona you are talking to
  • The situation that you are in

Does your message align with these three values?

Final Thoughts

These are the 5 questions you must ask yourself before crafting/reinventing your personal brand. When you’re clear about the answers to all these questions, you possess what you need to build an authentic, compelling as well as strong personal brand.

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