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How To Build Community For Your Personal Brand Via Leveraging Persuasion?

Introduction :

How To Build Community For Your Personal Brand Via Leveraging Persuasion?

As far as successful personal brands go, we do know for a fact that what differentiates them from others (mediocre personal brands) is the independent uniqueness and credibility towards their respective niche. 

However, do you know? 

  • How did these famous personal brand examples foster a vast community?
  • How did they build a community for their personal brand?
  • Which persuasion techniques did they utilise to grow “BRAND YOU”?

Do you have answers to these queries? Well, even if you lack the know-how, continue reading further, as this blog article will discuss and help you learn about them. So, let’s begin…..

Query 1: How did these famous personal brand examples foster a vast community?

While building a personal brand, what’s most imperative is getting your personal brand statement known to your target audience. But, the main question that arises is – Why will any client willingly buy into YOU? Just by simply shouting your message to the audience without any engagement, context, or conversation, do you think anyone will become loyal to your personal brand? It’s a big NO. Unless you help the clients to achieve their interests and needs through your products or services, only then you’ll gain trust (loyalty). 

What does it encompass? Focusing on PERSUASION is the key to gain trust. 

Almost every popular personal brand emphasizes it to foster a huge community. Although, what is persuasion?

To put it in easier terms, it is strategic communication and is just one component of your overall influence. It serves as the base of almost all of your marketing efforts and can guide people towards true change.

Query 2: How did they build a community for their personal brand?

Before we look into the steps to build a community for personal brand, you need to know that learning the art to leveraging persuasion is vital, as every famous personal brand does this. It doesn’t matter if you’re a manager, CEO or entrepreneur; it’s time to learn about how to persuade people to say “Yes” in order to build your community.

Your main job is to communicate directly to your audience how your products or services will impact their life, how they will be a better version of themselves by purchasing or will undergo a transformation as a result.

When you focus on strategically communicating your value consistently, it’s then that you’ve leveraged persuasion from the right mindset to build a persuasion online community. 

5 Steps To Build A Personal Brand Community
  • Start Small
  • Add a Layer Of Exclusivity
  • Instill An Ethos Of Helpfulness
  • Make Connections And Let Go
  • Spread The Word About Your Community

Now you have more clarity on how to influence persuasion and develop community for your personal brand with these 5 steps, are you aware as to Why Building (Or Growing) Your Personal Brand Community Matters?

There are 3 reasons:


You’ll learn far more about your customer’s needs and interests by observing them talk to each other (in a community) than you ever will with a survey.


Your community is a resource for your clients. A place where they can search answers and information quickly. They can work through problems by bouncing ideas off of each other. They can meet new people who share their passions and interests.


Customers are more likely to stick around if they have a community they feel tied to, thus enabling your profitability to follow naturally.

Query 3: Which persuasion techniques did they utilize to grow “BRAND YOU”?

As we now have a clear understanding of persuasion and how to leverage it, let’s look into which are the persuasion techniques utilised by trending personal brands for growth.

Here are the 6 persuasion techniques:

  • Reciprocity
  • Endorsements
  • Scarcity
  • Authority
  • Consistency
  • Liking

Final Thoughts

When it comes to leveraging persuasion techniques for your personal brand (or brand YOU), remember that showing genuineness in your marketing efforts is absolutely crucial. It is when you truly master this form of art – can you grow your community of loyal fans.
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